Airbus @ BAPCO 2024

DCE provided flooring, AV, floral, graphics, furniture, internet access & a meeting room for Airbus’ BAPCO 2024 exhibition stand.   The BAPCO Annual Event brings together leading brands with the UK’s public safety sector, creating an environment where state-of-the-art technologies, products, and equipment intersect with significant purchasing power.   Whether you’re a burgeoning startup or

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Aqualla @ KBB 2024

Our client Aqualla had two stands at KBB 2024 which took place at the Birmingham NEC from 03 – 06 March 2024.   The stands were designed to make the most of the available spaces whilst effortlessly displaying Aqualla’s products. We designed the stands to look fantastic from all angles.   KBB 2024 is the

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Der Kreis @ KBB 2024

Der Kreis’ exhibition stand was thoughtfully designed to cater to various needs. It included essential features like water and waste management, electrical setups, internet connectivity, and comfortable furniture. The layout was carefully arranged to ensure easy access, with a platform and ramp provided for inclusivity. The addition of audio-visual elements added interest, while graphics tied

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Hyder Living @ JFS 2024

Hyder Living’s exhibition stand made use of a very wide space, open to the front and gave a very inviting feel. The walls were well lit and housed a corner storage area. January Furniture Show is the UK’s number one destination for buyers and retailers sourcing the latest furniture and interiors. Each year, the show

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MOJO @ London Toy Fair 24

With MOJO’s space, openness defined the atmosphere, with natural light pouring in from three sides and a comfortable carpeted platform anchoring the area. Through a thoughtful blend of display techniques like shelving, display pods, and feature counters with LEDs, our client showcased their products with style. The result was an inviting space where visitors could

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Global Home @ JFS 2024

At Global Home’s island site, we created a captivating display featuring a carpeted platform designed for effortless product placement. To accentuate the space, we installed an overhead lighting truss, adding an element of sophistication that highlighted our client’s offerings. Guided by Global Home’s design, we meticulously executed their plans to construct a stand that perfectly

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Kirkby @ LAMMA 2024

Kirkby’s exhibition stand boasted an elevated platform crowned with a dynamic ring banner that looked fantastic. This stand wasn’t just about aesthetics; it was a thrilling fusion of innovation and functionality. With a lockable storage area, a welcoming reception counter, and stylish furniture, it was a space designed for action and engagement. But that wasn’t

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SAM @ LAMMA 2024

DCE specialise in transforming an empty space into a seamless showcase of innovation. Our client SAM’s island site at LAMMA, the UK’s premier agricultural machinery and technology show, boasts a cutting-edge design. With carpet firmly laid to the floor facilitating effortless machinery placement, the stand not only frames the showcased equipment but also features a

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ForFarmers @ Agriscot 2023

ForFarmer’s exhibition space was an expansive 8m x 7m area with dual open sides, thoughtfully designed to include ramped access, a convenient storage area, and eye-catching feed display pods adorned with lifelike animal props.   This innovative design boasted an impressive sweeping fascia and a stylish slatted wall, creating an inviting and open atmosphere that

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